March 8 weekly horoscope


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  2. Daily Horoscopes: March 8, 12222
  3. Virgo daily horoscope – March 8 | Yasmin Boland

At times, love may seem elusive but not everyone can meet your high expectations.

At work, allow time to rest before launching into another major project. Disputes can be resolved with a mature approach.

Yours, probably. Patient, unhurried individuals can wait for their desired outcomes. This week asks for that tenacity. With perseverance and a loving heart, all challenges can be overcome - your way. Life can sometimes seem frustrating, especially when circumstances feel beyond your control. Now is a time for quiet contemplation rather than hard work - grab a holiday if you can. You may need to give a partner or friend time to get themselves sorted. Cast off all your worries, Capricorn.

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Thankfully, any heavy feelings start to lighten. This should help ease your overwrought mind. A thought-provoking Mercury offers fresh solutions to old problems. Your life is up for restructure in the best possible way. For many, this points to relationships that have fallen out of step. If you love nest is feeling a tad tepid, reignite the embers or talk problems through - thoughtfully and truthfully. Few Pisceans are loners. Without the company of friends and family, life would seem empty.

Daily Horoscopes: March 8, 12222

So why would you suddenly take all this for granted? Everyone around you has helped you to achieve your current success. Bind those friendships tight. Her worldwide following includes horoscope features for many national and international publications.


For personal work and your own special discount, email Tanya at astrology tanyaobreza. Many find this hard to comprehend, but Ariens are a law unto themselves. So if this week offers something more than the norm, be the first to give it a go. Set your sights on prosperity and success. Knowledge is power.

Travel could also expand horizons. Single Taureans could begin a romance with someone from a different country or culture.

This week, a special situation brings a special reward. You can now make a lasting impression on those in authority. Occasionally Cancerians can be distracted from what matters the most. Go ahead - savour just how sweet life can be.

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You should enjoy good company. How much is enough? Right now, many Leos are on a winning streak, or at least imagining one.

Virgo daily horoscope – March 8 | Yasmin Boland

Couples find news ways of becoming mutually supportive. This week is well-suited for deep thought. Your mind is ready to come up with new plans, but it needs some quiet time to piece the puzzles together. Others may try to distract you - but don't let them. You need to concentrate. If any decisions you make are unhurried, you should do well. Words roll smoothly off your tongue. The planets also imply financial gain through inheritance, business partners or marriage. Debts are paid; cash flow increases, with romantic prospects for the unattached. We all move on and leave things and people behind.

And we all know you prefer to be the one in control.